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Robin Hood 2015 Curtain Call review

Curtain Call review by The Daily Echo.

The Mountbatten Players report themselves as staging amateur theatre with a professional outlook and that was immediately apparent with the sparkling sets, a good script full of wit and story-weaving (Daniel Farrell), gorgeous costumes (Liz Powney), creative lighting (Luke Hornbuckle) and sharp choreography (Nicola Buss and Elle Wolf).

Sleeping Beauty 2014 Curtain Call review

IN MOUNTBATTEN Players’ new pantomime, the Sleeping Beauty story was given a straightforward retelling amid comic escapades, song and dance numbers, a delicious dame, a great baddie, slapstick, bad jokes and a happy ending.


The Hollow Curtain Call review

Curtain call review by The Daily Echo

In this Agatha Christie whodunnit – Sam Dickinson’s directorial debut – Dr John Cristow is looking forward to a relaxing weekend at a friend’s country house, but sees his plans thwarted, firstly by the presence of a secret lover and then by an old flame.

Daniel Farrell stars as the in demand doctor, matched by Elle Wolf as his (apparently) doting wife, Gerda.


Donation to Countess Mountbatten Hospice

I have pleasure in confirming that the collecting boxes recently received back from the Mountbatten Players after the Dick Whittington pantomime contained donations totalling £255.33, the collecting buckets contained a further £565.48 bringing the total 'retiring collection' to £820.81. A further £115 was raised in donations received for complimentary tickets making a grand total of £935.81. Again the Players have succeeded in beating their previous year's total - a fantastic achievement particularly in view of the impact of the current economic climate on ticket sales.


Dick Whittington 2013 Curtain Call review

Curtain Call review by The Daily Echo.

PRIMARILY a fundraising venture for Countess Mountbatten House, it would be uncharitable to criticise this often hilarious pantomime too much.

A shaky start, with some sound and lighting problems, was quickly overcome and the laughs just kept on coming.

A clever script worked well at all levels, with enough double-entendres to amuse the mainly adult audience.


Aladdin 2012 curtain call review

Curtain Call review by the Daily Echo

TO CELEBRATE their “coming of age”, Mountbatten Players chose to stage the perennial favourite Aladdin – and with productions of this calibre they’ll be entertaining the south for at least another 21 years.


CMH donations 2011 (Revised)


CMH donations 2011


Tuesday January 11, 2011

Peter Pan
Mountbatten Players The Point Eastleigh

Peter Pan, the musical, closely follows the original book of the boy who never grew up. Its rather sexist overtures are overridden by a truly magical story, which have enchanted children for more than a century.

Mountbatten Players captured that magic with their versatile set, ethereal lighting, wonderful costumes (especially the crocodile) and visual effects.