The story of Aladdin, like other pantos, centers around a poor boy who makes good, eventually marrying the princess whom he dearly loves. Mountbatten Players appear to have a plethora of excellent singers amongst their number. It was a delight to see, and hear them cast in roles which suited their individual talents, where the dancers could be admired, and the acting was encompassing. All the main characters were performed with panache, but a man allowed very few words by his wife, Emperor Ming Vase (Frank Baker), almost stole the show.

Hiring in scenery, costumes, special-effects and flying facility probably made this a costly production but what a result! With Aladdin and Princess Jasmine singing as they knelt on it, a magic carpet flew high above the stage. Later, Wishee Washee took an aerial route to retrieve the lamp from its plinth. Long by pantomime standards, this production - like the jewels in its cave, sparkled from start to finish.

Jan Foster (Writes for the Scene South column in Southampton's Daily Echo).