Sleeping Beauty 2014 Curtain Call review

Curtain call review by The Daily Echo

IN MOUNTBATTEN Players’ new pantomime, the Sleeping Beauty story was given a straightforward retelling amid comic escapades, song and dance numbers, a delicious dame, a great baddie, slapstick, bad jokes and a happy ending.

This was a fine looking show, with an impressive set, stupendous costumes and a fantastic use of lighting.

The script was crisp, current and managed the difficult trick of working on different levels.

The main narrative arc was concentrated in Act 1, with Act 2 a looser construction.

Yet the action in Act 2 never felt a mere filler and the overall pace was nicely maintained.

At the heart of the show were the performances and this was a strong team effort.

Chris Davis was fittingly “awesome” as the deluded Prince Pompous, while Andrew Jenks made a fine dame and Elle Wolf had her moment as the wicked evil fairy.