Tuesday January 11, 2011

Peter Pan
Mountbatten Players The Point Eastleigh

Peter Pan, the musical, closely follows the original book of the boy who never grew up. Its rather sexist overtures are overridden by a truly magical story, which have enchanted children for more than a century.

Mountbatten Players captured that magic with their versatile set, ethereal lighting, wonderful costumes (especially the crocodile) and visual effects.

Peter Pan (Teddy Clements) succeeded in flitting both physically and emotionally about the stage, while nurturing Wendy (Steph Prior) won his affection but not his commitment. Both sang and acted their parts beautifully and were supported by a solid cast.

Captain Hook (David Gibbons) gave an expressive performance but perhaps needed a tad more menace at times. The storyteller (Victoria Tuck) had an excellent voice, both in narrating and vocally. The show was slick and showed great attention to detail.

Rebecca Case

Southern Daily Echo Tuesday January 11, 2011