"Wildest Dream" by Alan Ayckbourn

Hanger Farm Arts Centre. The Mountbatten Players presented with great verve Alan Ayckbourn?s Wildest Dreams, a dark comedy of four dysfunctional individuals who, each Thursday, thrived in a fantasy world of a role-playing game and the changes wrought on them by the arrival of Marcie, fleeing from her bullying husband.

Imaginative staging and an impressive set made good use of the Arts Centre?s space, although actors in the side sets were sometimes obscured by the pillars. The strong cast visibly grew into their roles.

Of particular note were the natural performances of the younger players ? Mat Baker (Warren), George Moody (Rick/Alice) and Chloe Burtenshaw (Marcie) ? and of Wendy Mansbridge in the challenging role of Hazel.

The music was both a plus and a minus as it could distract, drowning out the dialogue. Overall the evening was an enjoyable, confidently presented, experience. Karen Robson.