The story of Aladdin, like other pantos, centers around a poor boy who makes good, eventually marrying the princess whom he dearly loves. Mountbatten Players appear to have a plethora of excellent singers amongst their number. It was a delight to see, and hear them cast in roles which suited their individual talents, where the dancers could be admired, and the acting was encompassing. All the main characters were performed with panache, but a man allowed very few words by his wife, Emperor Ming Vase (Frank Baker), almost stole the show.


"Wildest Dream" by Alan Ayckbourn

Hanger Farm Arts Centre. The Mountbatten Players presented with great verve Alan Ayckbourn?s Wildest Dreams, a dark comedy of four dysfunctional individuals who, each Thursday, thrived in a fantasy world of a role-playing game and the changes wrought on them by the arrival of Marcie, fleeing from her bullying husband.

Imaginative staging and an impressive set made good use of the Arts Centre?s space, although actors in the side sets were sometimes obscured by the pillars. The strong cast visibly grew into their roles.


"CONFUSIONS - Mountbatten Players"

Confusions was a fusion. of characters and plays offering a wry look at human nature in different situations with hilarious results. Mountbatten Players combined their talents to direct and act in five interlinked plays by Alan Ayckbourn supported by the melodic Simon Burvill Orchestra and a slick backstage crew.


"Everything Cinders Should Be"

A most traditional panto, Cinderella has the lot - pathos, comedy, romance, and tragedy and in this production slapstick, excellent dancing and pure Christmas card magic. The audience collectively had a sharp intake of breath at the sight of Cinderella in her ball-gown climbing into her crystal coach drawn by the most lovely pair of white Shetland ponies as the snow fell. It was just magical. As a very talented cast sang and danced their way through this story with much elan and a lot of laughter, Buttons had all the support the audience could give.