Beauty & the Beast 2009

Beauty and the Beast is an enduringly popular pantomime concerning the story of a girl whose selfless love for a hideous monster transforms him into a handsome lover. The story is based on an ancient legend common in several cultural traditions. 1841 is regarded as the first year in which something approaching its modern form was presented by J.R.Planche in Covent garden, London. Celebrated productions over the years have included the 1900 Drury Lane pantomime “The Sleeping Beauty and the Beast” starring Dan Leno and Herbert Campbell. It subsequently proved to be one of the most dazzling Broadway productions in the history of theatre.
The story was filmed with great success by Jean Cocteau in 1946 and has been rendered as a full length cartoon by Disney Studios. We’d like to think that Paul Young brought a new ferocity to the role of the Beast whilst Steph Edwards added a whole new dimension of Beauty.


One foot in the grave:

Dancing through the front cloth:

Fight scene:

Pizza throwing:

Photo Gallery

Some photos from the performances are available here.