Gym & Tonic

Mountbatten Players are pleased to be able to announce the launch of their 2015 summer production, Gym & Tonic by John Godber

Gym & Tonic 15th & 16th August University of Winchester Performance Gym

Don and Shirley visit a spa hotel for a few days of pampering and possibly, just possibly save their ailing marriage. Don proves himself to be hilariously incompetent at aerobics, squash and zumba and his experience with colour therapy and massage are far from positive too.

Is the Weston's time at Scardale Hall doomed? The rifts in the marriage widen as Don's mid-life crisis becomes more and more evident, and moments of reconciliation - a shared midnight feast, for example - do little to improve the situation.

Darkly amusing, perceptive and troubling, Gym and Tonic is a comedy with real bite.